We as the team of the Hanseatic Institute System Empowering have the vision to change our world into a more loving, courageous and respectful world in which we want to live and work tomorrow. We turn to customers who feel a similar desire within themselves. Together we get things moving.

We support people and companies in consolidating their inner strength so that they accept all ups and downs as growth. We enjoy what we do. We put a smile on the faces of our customers. We know that when the will is there, everything can be solved. That’s where we have to start!

Dr. Dieter Bischop

Founder & Manager

He sees himself as a shipowner who sends his ships out into the world to make this system of empowering known.

His goal: to make life more worth living – Power for the people.

His motto: It must be simple!

Annika Dulige

Co-Founder, System Empowering Coach & Trainer

“My vision: A world in which people develop their innermost potential, live their vision and live together in appreciation and joy.“

Jan Schulz

System Empowering Coach

System Empowering – finding your strength to master the challenges life throws at you. 


Coachen und Führen mit System: Als Führungskraft, Coach und Mediator systematisch Wirkung erzielen


Persönlichkeitsentwicklung mit System: Mit Selbstvertrauen und Stärke als Führungskraft, Coach und Mediator wirken.


Selbst-Coaching: Entwickle deine Persönlichkeit: Kraftquelle und Inspiration Woche für Woche – Tischaufsteller (Dez. 2015)


Systemische Mediation: Auflösen von emotional eskalierten Konflikten in Familien, Teams (Mobbing), Unternehmen oder Unternehmensnachfolgen

Hanseatic Institut

SystemEmpowering: Resolving Emotional Conflicts, Developing Your Personality, and Strengthening Your Power Within the System.