Annika Dulige

Co-founder Annika Dulige studied law because she wanted to understand how people are influenced by the structures and conditions in which they operate. However, she has always been interested in people and the question of what causes blockades and conflicts in companies and families. After completing her master’s degree, she trained as a mediator and as a business coach.

Since 2007 she has worked exclusively as a coach and mediator and supports individuals and groups in mastering everyday changes and conflicts in companies and families and in finding clear paths for the future. From her own experiences she knows that crises can bring unused potential and new strength into life. Annika Dulige accompanies her clients with her confident attitude, experience and state-of-the-art methods. The focus is on the application of the Genea method for personality development, working with the system laws in conflicts and change processes, as well as vision work and coaching in companies and families.

Annika Dulige is a member of the founding team of the Hanseatic Institute and head of training as an Expert of Communication. She is looking forward to your requests and questions!

„My vision: A world in which people develop their innermost potential, live their vision and live together in appreciation and joy.“


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SystemEmpowering: Resolving Emotional Conflicts, Developing Your Personality, and Strengthening Your Power Within the System.