Dr. Dieter Bischop

Dr. Dieter Bischop is founder and director of the Hanseatic Institute for Coaching, Mediation & Leadership. He studied quantum physics in that he wanted to find the meaning of life (physics as natural philosophy). During his doctorate (1995-1998) he realized that he could not find his answers in the field of  quantum physics.

During this time, he was looking for methods to resolve his own personal issues such as fears, lack of self-confidence and chronic diseases. Therefore, he trained in NLP during his doctorate, learned supervision, coaching and mediation as well as constellation work. He applied all methods to himself in order to solve his personal problems. However, it turned out that the learned methods were not sufficient. Subsiquently, he developed them further until they dissolved his own fears, he became healthy and felt basic confidence in himself.

At the same time, he applied them in coaching, mediation, team development or corporate succession, where they also proved successful. This development took years. The method used in todays work is called System Empowering.

logo hanseatisches institut 408x408He sees himself as a shipowner who sends his ships out into the world to make this system of empowering known. His goal: to make life more worth living – Power for the people. His motto: It must be simple!



  • 1998 Doctorate in quantum field theory
  • 1998 Founding of Dr. Bischop & Partner, systemic management consultancy in Kiel
  • Development and trainer of coaching and mediation trainings since 2000. 22 coaching and 13 mediation trainings conducted so far. Since 2011, the two courses have been integrated into CoachMediator training. Since 2017 it has been called System Empowerer Training.
  • Teaching trainer and mediator of the BMWA (Bundesverband für Mediation in Wirtschaft und Arbeitswelt e.V. – Federal Association for Mediation in Economics and Labour)
  • Founding of the 2nd branch of Dr. Bischop & Partner in Hamburg, 2007
    Spring 2009: Foundation

Basic Values

Our work is based on fundamental Hanseatic values. This includes:

  • Cordiality and empathy,
  • Responsibility and reliability,
  • Absolute secrecy,
  • Respect and recognition
  • Achieve effect / results,
  • The systemic view,
  • For us, trust is the basis of any cooperation.

Hanseatic Institut

SystemEmpowering: Resolving Emotional Conflicts, Developing Your Personality, and Strengthening Your Power Within the System.