Through systemic mediation we solve emotional conflicts and empower systems. For this purpose we have developed useful and necessary tools, such as SystemEmpowering, the ten System Laws, the PowerCode to resolve system law violations. Mediation and coaching belong together for us, which is why we also call ourselves CoachMediator or SystemEmpowering Coach.

What is mediation and when is it needed?

  • You have conflicts in your partnership and you want to regain respect and trust
  • It comes after the divorce to the War of the Roses and you want to remain parents or friends
  • There are emotional injuries that you cannot resolve alone or in pairs
  • You can no longer get along with your business partner and want to create clarity
  • You want to be there for your children together after a separation
  • Things don’t run smoothly in a team and you won’t get anywhere on your own as a team leader
  • There is bullying in the company and you want to restore harmony and a functioning environment

What are the areas of application for mediation?

  • Conflicts in the partnership
  • Divorce
  • Team Conflicts
  • Bullying
  • Conflicts between managing directors
  • Disputes between companies
  • Difficulties in business succession in family businesses
  • Conflicts between the works council and management
  • To avoid termination

How does mediation work?

We are often approached by one conflict partner alone. In systemic mediation it is possible to start alone at the beginning. If both conflict partners are ready for a first meeting, the better.

  • If you want to solve a conflict, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
  • We will arrange a first appointment. There we will clarify your goals, which persons are needed for mediation and how they can be motivated to mediate.
  • We will present our method of SystemEmpowering with the system laws and how emotional conflicts can be solved with the help of the PowerCodes.
  • We will check whether things were good between the conflict parties in the past.
  • Together with the respective conflict party, alone or together, we establish the five prerequisites for resolving conflicts.
  • We resolve all emotional systemic law violations / conflicts between the conflicting parties from the time when it was good until the present.
  • Once the foundation of respect and recognition has been restored, conflicts are also resolved on the level of content.

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