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Potential Development

In 2012, my company was in a phase of upheaval, marked by conflict situations. I wanted to understand how this could happen and also learn practical tools to create an atmosphere as an entrepreneur and manager in which every team member feels comfortable and belonging. During my two-year training as a CoachMediator at the Hanseatic Institute, I was able to develop my own potential considerably further and learned from Dr. Dieter Bischop and his team that a well-balanced, strong leader can ensure balance in the company. Today I have exactly this harmonious company situation in recognition, respect and esteem. On this basis I further develop the company, support every further potential development together with my team and make this knowledge available to other people as a mentor.

Dirk Mehrens
„We connect people“

Made Easy

I came to the first System Set Club with a headache and full of anger about the overtime I had worked the previous day – which kept me from where and what I wanted to be. During my two-year training as a CoachMediator I learned to think and feel more consciously and experienced the effects of my own attitude and its change. The internalized coaching methods in the area of personality development enable me to act more and more freely and directly. This leads to clarity, increases the quality of life and also benefits my environment. Applying the methods is fun, even if life is sometimes sad and I always find it amazing what surprising solutions show up. I can trustingly recommend the training with Dr. Dieter Bischop at the Hanseatic Institute and would like to draw your attention and curiosity as a reader to it.

Gunda Gerig

The Personal Gain Is Priceless For Me

My motivation to start this training was conflicts in my professional and private environment. I did not want to be at the mercy of these conflicts, but to be able to find solutions to them.
In the course of my training, I not only received tools which I can integrate very well into my professional context, but also the „gained“ attitude „incidentally“ flows into my private life. It is now easier for me to recognize and clarify correlations and the associated responsibilities. The resulting positive changes are noticeable for all sides and everyday topics such as „puberty“ no longer appear. I am also very grateful to the Hanseatic Institute and its competent trainers for this. During the training and the time afterwards I was always able to find a contact person for myself and my individual topics. These everyday methods provide me and my environment with a better quality of life and the personal gain is unaffordable for me.

Hanka Schiebold

It Has Been Worth It

In the years 2010/2011 I found myself both privately and professionally in heavy seas. Conflicts as far as the eye could see, lack of esteem and recognition, the feeling of fighting against windmills and losing the ground under my feet. I was in the midst of great changes and was losing strength. On the recommendation of a friend, I attended an impulse evening at the Hanseatic Institute. The atmosphere was warm and cordial and around me there were people who were also in a state of change, but who obviously could deal with it and did not stumble. I wanted to be able to do that too! The decision to do an apprenticeship at the Hanseatic Institute was quickly made. Today, after more than two and a half years, I can justifiably say: it was worth it! There are still changes in my life, also conflicts and in one or the other place I wish myself also more appreciation. Today, however, I have clarity and an inner serenity, a good portion of self-esteem and „greatness“ that enables me to take care of myself, make decisions and live my life in deep self-confidence on my own strength.

Simone Weimann

Not Only To Understand Transgenerational Connections, But Also To Work On Them Emotionally

„I came to the institute through 2 hints from my personal and collegial environment and took advantage of a coaching session with Dieter Bischop, because I had an autoimmune disease and suspected a connection to a family conflict, which burdened me greatly.

I had also already read a book by Dieter Bischop and heard about the system laws.

The coaching helped me a lot not only to understand transgenerational contexts, but to work on them emotionally (and that was really real „work“ for me).

I can recommend the institute 100% and am also considering further training there, because I am now deeply convinced of its effectiveness not only theoretically but also from my own experience.

What really impressed me was the very good intuition of Mr. Bischop.

Many thanks again afterwards.“

Ani Bal

New Attitude For Life

Randolph Moreno has coached me super and brought me forward. I was able to solve several conflicts and today I am going through life with a new attitude. In our companies we were able to create more harmonious situations through team coaching and thus work more effectively and more freely.

Thank you very much for that.

Erik Renk

Personality Development With New Depth

The personal coaching is incomparable and the effect can be directly experienced and experienced.

The concept and approach of the Hanseatic Institute are very individual and highly trustworthy. After the resolution of my own questions I am personally strengthened and very grateful for this result.

This is about personality development with new depth and a well-founded approach.
My TOP recommendation.

This own experience flows in the meantime into my seminars and money Coachingings and enriches the development of a new relationship to money and a new handling around an elementary and lasting level.

Thank you for that.

Andreas Enrico Brell


We would like to thank our many clients for their individual coaching and mediation.

Our thanks also go to the participants of the training courses.

Thank you so much!