Jan Schulz

Jan Schulz is the newest member of the system empowering team in the Hanseatic Institut. Jan studied Business Adminstration, Politcal Science and Psychology at the University of Rhode Island from 2006 until 2011. in 2011 he joined the Germany Navy and is still an active duty officer. From 2012 to 2016, he studied Psychology at the Helmut-Schmidt-Universtität/ Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg and earned his master’s degree. While going to university, he met Dieter and Annika through a mutual friend and started training to become a System Empowering Coach. He is an integral member of the Hanseatic Institut.

„My vision: People living in harmony with a never ending desire to solve their conflicts and become the best version of themselves. For our children.“


Hanseatic Institut

SystemEmpowering: Resolving Emotional Conflicts, Developing Your Personality, and Strengthening Your Power Within the System.